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1E 23.11 (SaaS)









Retrieves a summary of device information, corresponding to (a subset of) the data that is exchanged as part of the Agent's "online" message.



Return values

BatteryHealth (string): The full battery capacity as a percentage of its original capacity when new:

    • New in v8.5

    • Null if there is no battery

    • If there are multiple batteries, only information about the first is given.

BiosGuid (string): The Systems Management (SM) BIOS GUID of the device.

BiosVersion (string): The version of the BIOS installed on the device

BootTime (datetime): The last time the device was booted

ChassisType (string): The device's physical chassis type (e.g. "Notebook")

CpuArchitecture (string): The architecture of the device's (primary) CPU (e.g. "x64")

CpuType (string): The device's (primary) CPU (e.g. "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7600U CPU @ 2.80GHz")

DeviceType (string): One of: "Server", "Desktop", "Laptop" or "Mobile", based on the observed hardware and operating system. Can be "Unknown" if this value cannot be derived.

Domain (string): The Windows NetBIOS domain name, provided the device is domain-joined

Fqdn (string): The fully-qualified DNS hostname of the device.

FreeOsDiskSpaceMb (string): Free disk space (in MB) on system disk. New in v8.5.

Manufacturer (string): The device's chassis manufacturer

Model (string): The device's chassis model

Name (string): The device name. New in v8.4.

NativeDiskEncryption (string): BitLocker (Windows) or FileVault (macOS) system disk encryption status. New in v8.5.

NetBiosName (string): On Windows devices this is the NetBIOS computer name. On non-windows devices this column is null.

OperatingSystemGuid (string): The operating system GUID (e.g. "4C4C4544-0043-3210-804D-C3C04F4A4D32")

OperatingSystemName (string): The operating system distribution (e.g. Windows, Fedora, Ubuntu) that the device is running

OperatingSystemType (string): The family of operating system that the device is running; one of "Windows", "Linux" or "MacOS".

OperatingSystemVersionNumber (string): The dotted-numeric representation of the operating system version that the device is running (e.g.

OperatingSystemVersionText (string): A string description of the operating system version (e.g. "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise")

OsArchitecture (string): The processor architecture of the operating system. The values depend on the OperatingSystemType as follows:

    • Linux: "x86" (32-bit) or "x86_64"; same as the result of the "uname -m" command.

    • MacOS: "arm64", "x86" (32-bit) or "x64".

    • Windows: "x86" (32-bit) or "x64".

OuPath (string): The distinguished name of the device:

    • Null if the device is not domain-joined.

    • New in v8.5.

RamMB (int): The amount of installed RAM in megabytes

SerialNumber (string): The device's serial number. (This is an additional column from version 24.1 onwards.)

TachyonGuid (string): The unique Tachyon identity (represented as a GUID) of this device

TimeZone (int): The device's current timezone offset from UTC in minutes (positive or negative).

VirtualizationPlatform (string): The name of the virtualization technology, if any, hosting the device's operating system




  • Windows

  • Linux

  • MacOS


See also Agent.GetSummary