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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Introducing Software Reclaim

1E Software Reclaim is a software management application which monitors usage. It allows software administrators to assess software usage and in turn addresses three key pain points for a business:

  • Cost

  • Security

  • End-user experience.

With Software Reclaim you gain visibility of software inventory usage and remove unused or rarely-used software. It enables IT teams to gain control of software inventory and optimize cost.

Software Reclaim is aimed at:

  • Software Administrators who need a comprehensive overview of their organization’s software estate. Their roles and responsibilities rely on having access to all endpoints and monitoring what is beneficial to the company

  • Security Managers who need access to all endpoints to ensure they can efficiently mitigate security threats

  • Financial Officers who are responsible for saving their organization costs. They need to analyze and understand what software is being used versus what is not and make cost savings

  • End User Employees who want their experience to be considered thus install and keep software needed for their day to day responsibilities.

Enterprise Plus licensing tier

This application is part the Enterprise Plus tier in the 1E licensing offering. With Enterprise Plus you can solve complex digital experience problems with advanced platform capabilities. To find out more about 1E licensing and get the complete Digital Employee Experience Platform contact your 1E Account Team.