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1E 23.11 (SaaS)


A general methodology for investigating issues with ExperienceExperience Analytics, as well as identifying key issues and their resolutions.

Configuration issues

Configuration issues that may prevent data getting into Tachyon Experience.

No data in Tachyon Experience


Things to Check


Tachyon Coordinator

Log file (%programdata%\1E\Tachyon\Tachyon.Coordinator.log)

  • Check for log entries like the following to ensure that the Coordinator is successfully initiating data processing:

    INFO AggregateSoftwarePerformance - Starting full aggregation of software performance (or Starting incremental aggregation of software performance)
    INFO AggregateSoftwarePerformance - Software performance aggregation results
  • Ensure no errors are reported in the Coordinator log.

  • Additional logging of the data processing can be found in the SQL table TachyonExperience.dbo.ProcessLog, such as tasks performed, time taken and row counts. The same data is logged into the coordinator log file.


The following value in %programfiles%\1E\Tachyon\Coordinator\Tachyon.Server.Coordinator.exe.config controls the frequency with which the Coordinator initiates cube processing.

<add key="ExperienceSync" value="0 2 * * * ExperienceSynchronization" /> (2am is the default)

It is not recommended that this value be changed.

1E Licensing

License file (%programdata%\1E\Licensing\Tachyon.lic

Ensure the Tachyon Server is licensed for Tachyon Experience:

<Feature name="TachyonPlatform">
<Consumer name="Platform" enable="on"> </Consumer>
<Consumer name="Experience" enable="on"> </Consumer>
Aggregated Software Data

Ensure software aggregated data has been populated

Check the LastProcessed setting in the TachyonExperience.dbo.GlobalSettings table for the last processed time. To check the sizes of aggregation tables, run a DB report Disk usage by table and verify that dbo.SoftwarePerformance_xx tables have non zero records.


Known issues

Lists of the current known issues with implementing, configuring, and using Tachyon Experience.

If you cannot find an issue and its workaround on this page, please

If you need further help, please refer to the Troubleshooting page for how to contact 1E Support and the technical support process.