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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Inventory Insights features

The Inventory Insights app captures data from different sources, then consolidates, normalizes, and stores it in repositories. The Inventory Insights app is also used to view and export inventory, and manage associations.

Inventory Insights uses connectors to capture software, hardware, and other data from sources such as 1E, Configuration Manager, Big Fix, and vCenter where it is consolidated, de-duplicated, and normalized. Normalization uses software and hardware entries in The 1E Catalog.

An empty repository called Default Inventory is provided out of the box. You can optionally create additional inventory repositories to partition data by source, time period, or other purposes. To populate a repository, you must use one or more inventory connectors, and either manually sync the data or schedule a sync. For more detail, please refer to Repositories page and Schedules page in Settings.

Inventory repositories are used by the following applications:

You will need to decide which of the following connectors you will use to populate Inventory repositories.

Connectors are used to connect to other 1E and third party systems, retrieve their data and populate repositories. The following inventory connectors are provided to populate the Repositories page:

Use the links above to find more information about each type of connector. Please refer to Introducing Inventory Insights for more information about viewing and exporting inventory repositories.

Additional connectors may exist for add-on Consumer applications that have been installed. For example, Connectors page has the following connectors to populate its entitlement repository:Connectors page

  • AppClarity v5.2 connector — Exports entitlements from an AppClarity 5.2 database into a TSV file, which can then be reviewed and imported into.AppClarity v5.2 connector

  • Entitlement .tsv connector — Uploads entitlements from a folder containing one or more tab or comma separated value file(s).Entitlement .tsv connector


AppClarity and some other Consumer applications add additional connectors to populate their repositories.