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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Nomad registry values

The two Nomad components that have registry values are NomadBranch and NomadBranchAdminUIExt, grouped below under feature headings.

NomadBranch registry values

The NomadBranch registry values can be changed to alter some of the default installation values for Nomad. Before you make any registry updates, ensure you make a backup of the registry. The following headings show the Nomad registry entries related to a particular functional area.

Clicking on a registry value's link will take you to its definition page, which has more details including its Windows installer property.


Registry values for NomadBranch are located in HKLM\Software\1E\NomadBranch

Basic Nomad configuration

CompatibilityFlags, Debug, GenerateWEREvents, InstallationDirectory, LogFileName, MaxLogFileSize, MaxStuckCount, P2PDisqualifyMaxNumPeers, P2PDisqualifyMaxWindowMins, P2PElectionWeight, P2Penabled, P2P_Port, SpecialNetShare, SuccessCodes

Peer Backup Assistant (PBA)

CachePath, EnforceQuotas, HAACKTimeoutMins, MaxAllocRequest, MaxConcurrency, MaximumMegaByte, PostCompleteTimeoutHours, PreCompleteTimeoutHours, SSPBAEnabled

Connection and downloads

DownloadTimeout, MaxAllowedLinkSpeed, MaxBusyBackOffSecs, MaxPackageSizeFastLAN, MaxPackageSizeRAS, MaxPackageSizeSlowLAN, MaxWorkRates, NomadNeverUseSubnets, RunUncachedPermittedFastLAN, WLanBlipSecs, WLanProfilesList

Nomad cache

AuthenticatedUsers, CacheCleanCycleHrs, MaxCacheDays, MaxCacheSizeMB, MaxPreCacheDays, MaxSUCacheDays, NoHardlink, NomadInhibitedADSites, NomadInhibitedSubnets, PercentAvailableDisk

Certificates, HTTPS and Internet-facing clients

CertIssuer, CertSubject

Status messages

MaxStatusFrequency, StatusMsgEvents


ExtraReplyDelayMs, SpecialNetShare

Single Site Download (SSD)

ActiveEfficiency\PlatformURL, ContentRegSyncBatchSz, ContentRegSyncCycleHrs, ContentRegSyncReqDelay, LocalSsdStagger, NoSsdReqOnInhibitedSubnets, PercentDelayedContentReg, SiteSsdStagger, SSDEnabled, SSPBAEnabled, CacheStateSyncIntervalMinutes


CentralMCastExtraDelayMins, MaxPacketsPerSecond, MultiCastMADCAPScope, MulticastSupport



Nomad integration with WakeUp is deprecated from 1E platform v23.11

MaxDevicesFromAE, WakeUpBatchSize, WakeUpEnabled, WakeUpMinPackageSizeMB


If you make changes to the registry values, we recommend you restart the Nomad service – changes to P2P_Port, P2PEnabled, NomadInhibitedSubnets and NomadInhibitedADSites will not take effect until the service is restarted.

NomadBranchAdminUIExt registry categories
  • For 64-bit machines running the Configuration Manager console, the registry values for NomadBranchAdminUIExt are under: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\1E\NomadAdminUI\Platform

  • For 32-bit machines running the Configuration Manager console, the registry values for NomadBranchAdminUIExt are under: HKLM\Software\1E\NomadAdminUI\Platform

Nomad pre-caching

There is only one value that is of use in the NomadBranchAdminUIExt registry that defines the location of Content Distribution Server for use with the Nomad Pre-caching feature: PlatformURL