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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

AI Powered Auto-curation


AI Powered Auto-curation is not enabled in the platform by default. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your 1E Account Team.

Describes the AI Powered Auto-curation feature that improves software inventory results. Using the AI Powered Auto-curation feature, you'll be able to increase the total amount of normalized software in your Inventory repositories. This is done using AI that integrates with the inventory consolidation process. By using AI, your organization will benefit from significant numbers of normalized software and a reduced manual effort needed to normalize software.


The Inventory Insights app captures data from different sources, then consolidates, normalizes, and stores it in Inventory repositories. It is also used to view, export, and manage associations.

Inventory Insights uses connectors to capture software, hardware, and other data from sources such as 1E, Configuration Manager, Big Fix, and vCenter where it is consolidated, de-duplicated, and normalized. Normalization uses software and hardware entries in The 1E Catalog.

An empty repository called Default Inventory is provided out-of-the-box. You can optionally create additional inventory repositories to partition data by source, time period, or another purpose. To populate a repository, you must use one or more inventory connectors, and either manually sync the data or schedule a sync. For more detail, please refer to Repositories page and Schedules page in Settings.

In older versions normalization of software product names was handled by 1E Catalog. This used rules that map source Programs and Features data into an accurate standardized form of Vendor, Title, Version and Edition (VTVE) fields. These normalized records could then be referred to with the same signature. Although the rules in the 1E Catalog cover the most common software, there is always new software that needs to be manually mapped.

AI Powered Auto-curation normalizes software product names that are not in the 1E Catalog. It first extracts the VTVE from varied raw Programs and Features data by removing excess data and extracting the relevant strings. The AI then standardizes the VTVE fields to a single, accurate form of representation. It also produces a numeric value called the confidence score, this score:

  • Represents how confident the AI is in its prediction.

  • Is set to a high threshold through testing and validation across a large data set.

  • Can be calibrated according to the variety of software data at a customer site to optimize the normalization rate.

  • Is controlled by 1E through collaboration with customers.

You can enable AI Powered Auto-curation either during or after the installation of 1E.


AI Powered Auto-curation is used by all Inventory connectors. Please refer to the Connectors page for more information about how Connectors are used to connect to other 1E and third party systems.

AI Powered Auto-curation uses model files that govern its behavior and, when the feature is enabled, the versions of the files are compared with the versions in the 1E Cloud, and downloaded whenever a new version is made available.