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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Software Products page

When you access the Catalog UI, the first page displays a list of software products in the Catalog.

The top right of the screen shows navigation elements for each section of the UI:

The Catalog UI

Allows you to manage who runs resynchronization events to refresh Catalog data. Only users with admin privileges see this tab.


Provides the status for catalog updates - only if you subscribe to the service.

Catalog synchronization statuses

The software products screen, which is also the Catalog landing page where you can perform tasks like:


List of Catalog devices - click Managing match rules to update details of a device or Match Rules to edit an existing rule or associate a new rule with it.

List of devices in the Catalog

List of Catalog processors - click Modify to update the details of a processor or Managing match rules to edit an existing rule or associate a new rule with it

List of processors

List of software publishers in the Catalog

List of vendors in the Catalog

List of terms used in the Catalog UI