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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Manage associations

Applications and Packages in Configuration Manager are identified by a name and optionally publisher and version arbitrarily determined by the Configuration Manager administrator that created them. The Inventory Insights platform uses a standard format of Vendor, Title, Version, and Edition to identify applications.

The Manage Associations section of Inventory enables an administrator to effectively normalize the Applications and Packages imported from Configuration Manager by associating them with a Vendor, Title, Version, and Edition defined in the 1E Catalog. These associations are then used to define migration rules in Introducing Application Migration (unavailable for SaaS) and reclaim rules in Introducing AppClarity.Introducing Application Migration (unavailable for SaaS)Introducing AppClarity

To manage associations, the Inventory repository used by your application must be populated by a System Center Configuration Manager connector that collects details of Applications and Packages defined in Configuration Manager.