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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

PushMessageUsers (removed)

Entity - PushMessageUsers - manages users registered for push message notifications

API versions up to and including 3.3. Unavailable in versions 4.0 onwards.




Permissions required



Returns all user registered for push notifications

Return JSON

        "Id": 1,
        "DeviceType" : "Android",
        "UserName" : "somecompany\someuser",
        "CreatedTimeStampUtc": "2016-12-21 09:56:32.837",
        "ModifiedTimestampUtc": "2016-12-21 09:56:32.837",
        "Status": 1

"Read" permissions to Security


/Consumer/PushMessageUsers/ {id}

Returns a specific user (if one exists) registered for push message notifications.

Return data as above

"Read" permissions to Security



Updates specified user. In/out payload as above

At the moment you can only change the Status field and the structure you pass in must have a valid user Id.

All other fields remain the same and Modified date is set to time when the modification took place. As such, any data passed in those fields will be ignored

"Write" permissions to Security

User status values:

1 - Active

2 - Disabled

3 - Deleted