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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Rebuilding the 1E Catalog

Resynchronize the 1E Catalog using admin access. You can rebuild your Catalog data by running a resynchronization event if you have admin privileges. By default, no one has admin access – you'll need to create an Azure Active Directory group to manage who runs resynchronization events and accesses the admin menu item in the Catalog UI.

Typical reasons for running a re-synchronization event are if you:

  • Think your Catalog data is corrupted or incomplete as a result of normally scheduled synchronization cycles

  • Have not updated your Catalog data over a long period - it's quicker to run a resynchronization event instead of executing a normal synchronization cycle

  • Migrate your Catalog to a newer version – to deduplicate any Catalog entries

  • Have upgraded to a newer version of Catalog.