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1E 23.11 (SaaS)



Please note the:

  • Nomad PBA Task Sequence steps are not designed for use with offline USMT or WinPE

  • -NMDS_POLL command-line option for the NomadPackageLocator.exe tool cannot be used in WinPE

  • -NMDS_<command> command-line options for NomadBranch.exe have not been tested in WinPE, so their behavior may be unpredictable in that environment.

The NMDS_COMPLETE argument is available on the NomadPackageLocator.exe (recommended) or NomadBranch.exe service argument-line. It indicates that all user data has been copied to the PBA share and the connection can be closed. When run, it disconnects from its associated share and fixes its contents for the duration defined in the Nomad PostCompleteTimeoutHours registry value on the device where the share is hosted. It is only for use within a task sequence.

It takes the following format:

NomadPackageLocator.exe -NMDS_COMPLETE,<name>


NomadBranch.exe -NMDS_COMPLETE,<name>

Using the following parameter:




Used to identify the shared cache and must be the same as the one used in the NMDS_POLL argument that initially requested the share. This may be up to 40 characters, consisting of 0-9 and A-Z characters and is case-insensitive.

Locating the share

Once completed, you can locate the share with the NMDS_FIND argument; this should be done within PostCompleteTimeoutHours, which defaults to 7 days.

Task sequence environment variables

NMDS_COMPLETE uses the following task sequence environment variables:




Its value should be used for the <name> parameter.