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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

SQL Server requirements
Local or remote SQL Server

You will need to decide if Tachyon databases are installed locally or on remote SQL Server instance(s).

Databases that are remote from their Tachyon Servers increase the complexity of design and installation in the following ways:

  • Tachyon Server installation depends on the server installation account having appropriate rights on the SQL Server instance. Remote SQL Servers are typically run on farms managed by other teams who may not want to grant permissions to your installation account.

  • If a Response Stack serves over 500 devices then you will require an additional network interface, which requires network routing as described in Network interfacesbelow.

Microsoft SQL Server Express is not supported for either Master or Responses databases, due to its limitations.

You will also require SQL Server Analysis Services if you are using Business Intelligence (as required by the Patch Success application).

Below is a list of SQL Server requirements covered in other sections on this page:

Please refer to the Server sizing requirements page for details of SQL Server hardware and database sizing.Server sizing requirements

Please refer to High Availability options for SQL Server for HA options and their requirements.

Backup and recovery

You will need to regularly backup the following databases. The Tachyon server can be re-installed from scratch using the existing databases or a restored backup.

  • 1E Catalog

  • ContentDistribution (optional, required by Nomad)

  • SLA-Data

  • SLA-Shared

  • SLA-Integrate

  • SLA-BI (optional, required for Patch Success)

  • TachyonMaster

  • TachyonExperience (optional, required for Experience).

There is no requirement to backup the Tachyon Responses database because it only contains transient data. You can backup and restore the Responses database if that is your organization's preference for recovery.

There are no requirements to backup the ActiveEfficiency database, which you can delete. ActiveEfficiency is no longer supported.

For more detail about upgrading, please refer to Upgrading Tachyon Platform.

Export all feature

The Export all feature is available on the Explorer responses page, when an instruction has finished retrieving all its responses. To enable Tachyon users with the appropriate permissions to use this feature, you must ensure that the Microsoft Bulk Copy Program (BCP) is installed on the same Response Stack server(s) where the Tachyon Core component has been installed.

Please refer to Configure Tachyon to support the Export all responses feature for more details on configuring SQL BCP and setting up a suitable share.