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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

OpenLM connector

Connects to an OpenLM database server.



Please contact your 1E Account Team if you need more information about using this feature.

The OpenLM connector is a preview feature to demonstrate how Tachyon can collect license data from OpenLM. Currently, the collected data can be viewed only by using SQL queries, and cannot be viewed in the TachyonPortal or its Consumer applications. License data from OpenLM is not merged with entitlement data used by AppClarity.

The connector will be updated in future versions of Tachyonto support ongoing changes by OpenLM as they migrate from their XML-based API to their new REST-based API.


Before adding a new OpenLM connector, you will need the following:

  • OpenLM Server version 21.12

  • OpenLM identity service enabled

  • User name and password that provides access to OpenLM - refer to OpenLM security configuration

  • Client ID and secret pair.

OpenLM connector configuration

To add the OpenLM connector:

  1. In Connector name, enter a logical name for this connector.


    You should use a naming convention for connector names:

    <connector type> <scope> <RCR>

    Scope describes where data is coming from or what it's being used for. For example Demo, Test, Lab, Q2 Audit.

    Include RCR in the name if you have enabled Run Consolidation Reports.

  2. In Server URL, enter the URL of the OpenLM Server, including port, for example http://openlm.acme.local:5015/

  3. In Identity Service URL, enter the URL of the OpenLM Identity Service, including port, for example http://openlm.acme.local:5000/

  4. In User Name, enter an OpenLM user name that already exists in your OpenLM system

  5. In Password, enter the password for the OpenLM user

  6. In Client Id, enter the Client Id

  7. In Client Secret, enter the Client Secret

  8. Click Add.

Tachyonsaves details encrypted.

After adding the connector, please refer to: