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1E 8.1 (on-premises)


What you will need to prepare in advance of implementing a Tachyon Server in your network. Typically these are tasks that may take some time to organize, depending on how your organization works.


You will already have installed Patch Success using Tachyon Setup. To do this, you required the following:

  • A full installation of Tachyon Platform including deployments of clients

  • A SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) instance, preferably on the same server as the SLA databases.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) selected for installation using Tachyon Setup.

  • An appropriate Tachyon License to permit using Patch Success and Tachyon connector inventory instructions.

    • This is normally included in a standard Tachyon license

    • See Tachyon License details below.

Configuration overview
  • Create an instruction set called 1E Patch Success, and upload its instructions

  • Create a custom role called 1E Patch Success Actioners, assign permissions, assign to All Devices

  • Configure the Tachyon connector, its instruction set 1E Inventory and custom role 1E Inventory Questioners

  • Configure the inventory connector for Configuration Manager (SCCM) or WSUS

  • Create schedules for the above connectors

Configuration requirements
  • A domain security group representing Patch Administrators who will use the Tachyon Patch Success application.

    • The steps below describe how a Tachyon user will be created for this group, and a role which grants access to the Patch Success pages and instructions.

    • In our examples this role is called 1E Patch Success Actioners.

  • A domain user account for use by the Tachyon connector to keep track of the inventory instructions.

    • The steps below describe how a Tachyon user will be created for this account and used in the configuration of the connector.

    • In our examples this user is ACME\SLATACHYON.

  • A domain user account for you to use, with:

    • SQL permissions to allow you to run SQL queries which modify the TachyonMaster database. This is required for:

    • Tachyon roles assigned:

      • Connector Administrators to configure and test the Tachyon connector

      • Instruction Set Administrators role to upload the Tachyon Inventory Product Pack instructions and assign them to a new instruction set.

      • Inventory Administrators role to populate an inventory repository.

      • Log Viewers role to aid troubleshooting (optional).

      • Permissions Administrators role to create the 1E Patch Success Actioners role.

  • WSUS or Configuration Manager (with Software Updates installed) is already implemented. One or both of these are required for:

Tachyon License details

Ensure your Tachyon License file has the Inventory and PatchSuccess consumers enabled and includes the patterns for 1E-Inventory-* and 1E-PatchSuccess-*

You can view your Tachyon license details using either of the following methods:

  • in the Tachyon Portal, navigate to Settings→Configuration→License information, look in the Products section and expand Features and instructions items

  • in the license file Tachyon.LIC found in C:\ProgramData\1E\Licensing

If either pattern does not exist, then the corresponding instructions will not run. You may have an old version of Tachyon, or your license needs to be updated.

      <Feature name="TachyonPlatform">
        <Consumer name="Inventory" enable="on"> </Consumer>
        <Instructions signersha="F08386A5318A8187D79B0A58253C65CB4E442570" pattern="1E-Inventory-*"> </Instructions>
      <Feature name="PatchSuccess">
        <Consumer name="PatchSuccess" enable="on"> </Consumer>
        <Instructions signersha="F08386A5318A8187D79B0A58253C65CB4E442570" pattern="1E-PatchSuccess-*"> </Instructions>