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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Resolving PXE Everywhere Agent issues

Legacy log files present after upgrading

After upgrading PXE Everywhere Central or PXE Everywhere Responder there are log files left in c:\programdata\1e\pxelite.

From PXE Everywhere v4.0 onwards, the new default logpath is c:\programdata\1e\pxeeverywhere. The legacy logpath is c:\programdata\1e\pxelite. During upgrade the legacy log files are deliberately not deleted. This is partly to avoid contention with other legacy PXE Everywhere products installed on the computer, but also to avoid mixing old and new logs. Please refer to Upgrading PXE Everywhere: Name changes introduced in PXE Everywhere 4.0.

You can manually delete the log files after all PXE Everywhere products have been upgraded.

Elections Not Working

A PXE Everywhere Agent responds to a PXE boot request and holds an election but no peer responds even though peers are present and the log looks like this:

Not replying to PXEClient DHCP DISCOVER from [18:03:73:28:53:34]
WARNING: Election timed out
Error hEvtDone 00000348 - The handle is invalid

This can happen for a number of reasons, but check that the firewall is not blocking the communications port used by PXE – for more detail please refer to PXE Everywhere Agent settings: CommsPort.

Furthermore, if the log file doesn't show any activity when you are PXE booting another local computer, check network access. Network features such as DHCP Snooping will prevent PXE Everywhere from being able to respond to PXE requests.

Bare-metal computer not able to PXE boot

In order to troubleshoot why a bare-metal computer is not PXE booting, open the PXE log file on the peer computer (that has PXE Everywhere installed) and look for a line similar to the following:

Configuration Service returned bootImageId = '', isMandatory = 0, clientSmbiosGuid = '3119d64c-3540-11b2-a85c-c56de30503a2', clientMacAddress = '1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8' 

This log entry is the response back from PXE Central that describes what should be provided to the bare-metal computer, such as the Boot Image ID and if that is mandatory. If the Boot Image ID value is empty, then PXE Everywhere doesn't know what boot image to provide to the bare-metal computer. Ensure a Task Sequence (with associated boot image) has been correctly deployed to this bare-metal computer.

A failed PXE response - because their is no assigned boot image - looks like the following:

Completing MyElection Winner=PC0001 for=1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8
Sending.. Election master PC0001( "1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8" W=50ELCN
Election master from Master=PC0001 for 1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8
Configuration Service returned bootImageId = '', isMandatory = 0, clientSmbiosGuid = '3119d64c-3540-11b2-a85c-c56de30503a2', clientMacAddress = '1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8'
PxeResource::PxeResource xABORTx
ElectionMgr Removed 1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8 from list

Another step is to ensure the correct boot image exists on the PXE Everywhere client computers.

The following log entries show that a boot image (for example PS10005E) has been correctly assigned to the bare-metal computer, but the PXE Everywhere client doesn't have the needed boot image pre-cached or available in the TFTPROOT folder. Ensure that you have distributed the boot image to the PXE Everywhere computers and executed the CreateBCD.exe tool. For more detail please refer to Preparing and deploying 1E PXE Everywhere boot images: Create a Task Sequence to stage a 1E PXE Everywhere boot image.

Client MAC:  1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8
Client UUID: 3119d64c-3540-11b2-a85c-c56de30503a2 
Client Arch: EfiBC (UEFI) 
PxeElection::hasResponse PS10005E 
WARNING: We are the master however we do not have the resource:'PS10005E' 
Not replying to PXEClient DHCP DISCOVER from [1E:1E:1E:CC:91:D8] 
PXE Central Web service is not accessible

If the PXE Everywhere Agent has been configured incorrectly, the PXE Everywhere Agent log will contain the following error:

PXEEverywhere Configuration endpoint: http://PXECENTRALSERVER/PXELite/PXELiteConfiguration.asmx

SOAP call failed: (null) 21/08/2020 20:02:10 816 (0x0330)

  Code:    29 (SOAP_HTTP_ERROR) (null) 21/08/2020 20:02:10 816 (0x0330)

If the PXE Web service on PXE Everywhere Central is not configured properly or is not running, the PXE Everywhere Agent log on the will contain the following error:

Code: -1 (Unknown)

Check the PXE Central installation. To resolve this, check that the PXE Web service URL is accessible and if it isn't:

  • Check that the PXE application pool is running in IIS

  • Check if there are any other issues preventing web access