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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Scheduling AppClarity reports

When an entitlement repository or compliance repository is created, and e.g. reclaim consolidation is run for an compliance repository, then it creates a default reclaim consolidation schedule for this compliance repository, to run on daily basis. You can also create schedules for the repositories you create and schedule them to run at a frequency of your choice.

Scheduling a report refresh for a repository

Toautomaticallyrefresh a report for a repository you can set up a schedule:

  1. Under the Settings→Configuration→Schedules and click Add.

  2. In the Add schedule screen for:

    1. Schedule name - enter a logical name for the new schedule.

    2. Repository - select your repository from the dropdown menu.

    3. Action type - select the associated action type you want to schedule.

    4. Frequency - select the frequency.


For any entitlement repository, when a new entitlement is created (which triggers an entitlement consolidation) a Schedule called EntitlementConsolidationScheduler is created for this repository by default, it's set to run on a 24 hrs frequency (daily basis).

Schedule a report