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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Tachyon Platform zip

The Tachyon Platform zip file can be downloaded from the 1E Support Portal Extracting the zip will create a folder structure containing the following, where the files highlighted in bold are required by Tachyon Setup.

  • Licenses.txt

  • Tachyon Release Information.html

  • Tachyon.Setup.exe

Please refer to:

  • Tachyon Setup, for detailed information about each screen in Tachyon Setup

  • Quick Start if you want a brief overview of installing Tachyon.


Tachyon Setup is the only supported method of installing, upgrading, and patching a Tachyon server.

Installation using standalone msi or msp files is not supported unless advised by 1E, which may be necessary in complex installations, using non-interactive (quiet/silent) command-lines, and may require further post-install configuration steps.

  • Installers\1ECatalog.msi

  • Installers\AppClarity.msi

  • Installers\ApplicationMigration.msi

  • Installers\ContentDistribution.msi

  • Installers\SLA.BI.Installer.msi

  • Installers\SLA.Platform.Installer.msi

  • Installers\TachyonServer.msi

  • Installers\TachyonToolkit.msi

This folder contains msi installer files for Tachyon components and applications that will be installed by Tachyon Setup if their prerequisites are met.

  • Installers\Apps\Experience\

  • Installers\Apps\Experience\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\Explorer\

  • Installers\Apps\Explorer\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\GuaranteedState\

  • Installers\Apps\GuaranteedState\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\Inventory\

  • Installers\Apps\Inventory\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\Nomad\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\Nomad\

  • Installers\Apps\PatchSuccess\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\PatchSuccess\

  • Installers\Apps\Settings\metadata.json

  • Installers\Apps\Settings\

This folder contains apps folders for Tachyon consumer applications that will be installed by Tachyon Setup if their prerequisites are met.

If you do not want to install a Tachyon consumer application, then delete the folder before running Tachyon Setup.

Later, if you need to install the Tachyon consumer application, then you can reinstate the folder and install the app using Tachyon Setup as described in Applications maintenance.


Some consumer applications are installed using their msi instead of an apps folder, for example AppClarity and Application Migration.

  • ProductPacks\Newtonsoft.Json.dll

  • ProductPacks\Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe

  • ProductPacks\Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe.config

  • ProductPacks\Tachyon.SDK.Consumer.dll

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Classic\

  • ProductPacks\Integrated\

  • ProductPacks\Integrated\

  • ProductPacks\Integrated\

  • ProductPacks\Integrated\

These Product Packs are required to support various Tachyon features, for more detail please refer to Tachyon Product Packs reference.If your license permits, you can use additional Product Packs available from Tachyon Exchange Tachyon Exchange to meet specific use-cases.

Classic Product Packs

Contain instructions, for use in Explorer and other Tachyon applications.

They can be uploaded using the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool, or using Settings→Instructions→Instruction sets page in the Tachyon Portal.

Integrated Product Packs

Contain policies, rules and fragments for use by Guaranteed State, and may also include instructions.

They can only be uploaded using the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool.


The Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool can be started independently, or at the end of the Tachyon Setup process via the Uploading with the Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool screen, where the screen contains a link that launches the tool. The Tachyon Setup method of starting the tool is recommended because setup ensures you have the correct permissions to upload the Product Packs.