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1E 8.1 (on-premises)









Displays a pop-up notification to one or more user sessions.

The notification includes a title, a description and the type of icon to be displayed.

The method will return immediately with an indication of whether the user session was successfully notified.

Notifications do not require a user response.


Description (string): Description text that will appear when the notification is displayed.

TimeoutSeconds (integer, optional, default 60): The number of seconds before the notification will timeout.

Minimum of 30 seconds, maximum of 900 seconds.

Title (string): Title text that will appear when the notification is displayed.

Type (string, optional, default "Information"): Type of notification, which will be represented by an icon within the notification.

It may be one of: Information, Warning or Error.

UserName (string, optional): Username used to identify the session to which this notification should be directed.

If Username is not supplied then the notification will be directed to all active user sessions.

Return values

Result (string): An indication of whether this user session was successfully notified.

A string value of Notified meaning successfully notified.

SessionId (integer): Id of the user session that was notified.

UserName (string): Username of the logon session that was notified.


Interaction.ShowNotification(Title:"Scheduled maintenance", 
Description:"Documentation system going down in 5 minutes", Type:"Information", TimeoutSeconds:300);

@description = SELECT "For security reasons, you are not permitted to use Zoom on your company PC. " || 
char(13) || "Please use either:" || char(13) || "Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Hangout ";
Interaction.ShowNotification(Description:@description, Title:"Collaboration Tools Policy",Type:"Warning");


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