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1E 8.1 (on-premises)


Basic verification tests that cover the installation and basic use of Nomad. Depending on the decisions you have made during the design phase of your implementation, you may need additional tests to verify your Nomad implementation.


Please ensure you complete all verification tests. They not only confirm your system is operational, but they also introduce you to concepts and tasks that you will use later when using Nomad.

Basic verification tests

To run these tests you need:

For installations and upgrades:

  • 1E Client software is installed

  • 1E Client and Nomad Branch services both exist and running

  • Default path for Nomad Branch service is C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch\NomadBranch.exe

  • System PATH environment variable has been added C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch

  • Open a command prompt and type the following commands (Commands are in bold, example responses below):

>where nomadbranch

C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch\NomadBranch.exe

>nomadbranch -version

NomadBranch version (mmm dd yyyy)

  • Nomad registry values are as expected - using default values unless specified differently in the installer, command-line or in the MST transform file

In addition, for upgrades from Nomad 6.3.201 or Tachyon Agent 4.0 - the example is for x64 but may be for x86.

  • 1E NomadBranch x64 / 1E Tachyon Agent x64 products are uninstalled

  • Tachyon.Agent service is removed

  • System PATH environment variable has removed C:\Program Files\1E\NomadBranch\

  • After upgrade, the following Nomad registry settings are changed:

    • InstallationDirectory changed to C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch

    • ProductVersion changed to

    • TachyonAgentVersionchanged to

Tachyon Platform verification tests

You should run basic verification tests If you have installed the Tachyon Platform as part of your Nomad installation.

Tachyon Platform verification tests should be run in series. They start with basic server checks, then testing 1E Clients, and finally using the verification instructions from the 1E Tachyon Platform Product Pack to do end-to-end tests that confirm all components are working. Depending on the decisions you have made during the design phase of your implementation, you may need additional tests to verify your Tachyon implementation.

To run these tests you'll need:

  1. Tachyon Server installed.

  2. Remote workstation with a supported browser.

  3. The name and password for the server installation account.

    1. The AD account must be enabled.

    2. The account may already be assigned to other Tachyon roles either directly or via membership of an AD group role.

  4. Two AD User accounts, Test User 1 and 2.

    1. Must not be existing Tachyon users because they will be assigned specific roles for the purpose of these tests.

    2. Must have email addresses and be able to read emails.

  5. The 1E Tachyon Platform instruction set with two Verification instructions.

    1. The verification steps describe how to create this instruction set by uploading the 1E Tachyon Platform Product Pack.

    2. You may have already uploaded this Product Pack using the Product Pack Deployment Tool, either during Setup or after.

    3. The 1E Tachyon Platform Product Pack is included in the TachyonPlatform zip file that you can download from the 1E Support Portal

  6. At least one test device on which the 1E Client will be installed.

  7. 1E Client installation source files and configuration details required by your Tachyon implementation.

Basic verification tests cover a single-server installation of Tachyon Server. These tests only cover Tachyon and do not verify the configuration of 1E client modules with other 1E products. For details refer to Verifying.