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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Known Issues

Lists of the current known issues with implementing, configuring, using, and extending Nomad.

If you cannot find an issue and its workaround on this page, please try searching the 1E Support Portal for issues that have hotfixes.

If you need further help, please refer to the Troubleshooting page for how to contact 1E Support and the technical support process.




Compliance Report fails, when there are many entitlements are available for the same vendor and title, with quantity as 1.

For any vendor, hundreds of entitlements are available in the system with qty=1 (For example, 500+ entitlements are available for Microsoft Corporation - Word with entitlement quantity =1) and also a large number of installations (For example, 50 K+ installations) exist for same vendor and title.

You can consolidate multiple entitlements into a single logical entitlement (For example, multiple entries for same vendor, title, version, metric type can be converted into a single entitlement).

While creating a new license/ maintenance based entitlement, a page has a tabbing problem if form data is entered using keyboard control only (and no mouse h/w is used).

The following are tab related problems, while adding a new form using manual input (mouse h/w is not used and only keyboard is being used).

  • Tabs skipping drop-down fields such as Version Type, Metric, License Type etc

  • Users can't select list and date using arrow keys & space bar

  • When a user reaches on date control using tab, the date picker opens but does not get closed on moving to next control, so, It remains open on page

  • Users cannot publish / save draft / cancel entitlements as the tab does not move on these buttons.


When uploading entitlements using the entitlement.tsv connector, and the entitlement contains a wild card (that is, *) as Version, then it will not be automatically set as * in entitlement on UI.

While uploading an entitlement through .tsv files using the entitlement connector, if a user sets the version as * for any vendor and title, then it does not get assigned as * on the entitlement screen (that is, on license screen) after a successful upload.


Upgrading from AppClarity 6.1.100 to AppClarity 7.1 entitlements with caveats (in 6.1.100) do not display with a caveats warning icon and simply display as draft (with draft icon).

When AppClarity 6.1.100 is upgraded to AppClarity 7.1 and some entitlements in 6.1.100 had caveats. After the upgrade, these caveat entitlements do not display with a caveats warning icon, instead, they display as draft (with draft icon).


Reclaim Consolidation occasionally fails due to deadlock if any Vendor and Title has large number of policies (~ 18-20), and precedence is set.

Reclaim → Usage Summary → Precedence

Any Vendor and Title which has a large number of overlapping policies (which need to be set for precedence) when a user opens the set precedence screen, on clicking the 'move up' arrow button for the last policy and this is done in quick succession for 3-4 times (for different policies), two errors are can be seen:

  • System triggers the Reclaim Consolidation for each 'up' arrow click

  • Out of those many reclaim consolidation actions, one fails with a deadlock error.

If multiple policies are available for precedence, and last policy is needed to be set for highest precedence, then use 'move to top' button, and it moves this policy on top.

For any uploaded License / Maintenance, which has several warnings, AppClarity only displays the remediation part to the user (instead of both warning and remediation) on the license / maintenance screen drawer.

Entitlements→License / Maintenance screen

If any entitlement has warnings when uploaded using the entitlement connector, then only the remediation is displayed for that entitlement, instead of both warnings and remediation on entitlement drawers.


License Demand displaying as 1 for management group name 'License Exemption - Oracle Corporation'.

On the IBM Processor Value Unit (PVU) License Demand and Oracle Processor License Demand screens, License Demand displays as 1 for exempted management groups.

This happens in the case of a Virtual Host Cluster Soft Partition, where optimized license demand is calculated based on physical devices, but the installations are on virtual machines. In other situations, it works correctly.


License exempted comment does not appear for Oracle Processor License Demand.

In Oracle license demand, exempted comments do not appear when the device is exempt.


Installations on non exempted devices are also marked for exemption under the Global Management group.

In case of IBM PVU and Oracle Processor License Demand, the installations on non exempted devices are also marked for exemption under the Global Management group.


Entitlement tsv uploaded using the entitlement .tsv connector fails if the tsv file only has a row with a newline/carriage return.

When uploading an entitlement.tsv file using the entitlement upload connector, if there are any blank lines inbetween the entitlements, then the entitlement connector fails.

Before you upload the .tsv file, make sure the data is sanitized.

Multiple issues when navigating to and from screens with favorite and non favorite repositories.

AppClarity [Compliance] : Adding a license from Compliance->License Summary opens license form in the default repository even though compliance is associated to non-default Entitlement repository.

AppClarity [Manage Associations] : VTVE is selected (from Compliance-2, which is not favorite), and the Manage Association button is clicked, then AppClarity navigates the user to (INV-1, which is a favorite).

After switching between screens from different modules/consumers, make sure you have selected the intended repository.

On Compliance→License Summary installs by details screen, if a user keeps this screen open for long time, an error occurred while loading table data on details table.

On Compliance→License Summary installs by details screen, if a user keeps this screen open for a long time, an error occurred while loading table data on details table.

Refresh the page to view the data.

No reclaim policy displayed on Reclaim→Policies screen, as the policy is created for *. User navigated to policy using reclaim usage version

Reclaim→Usage Summary

If a reclaim policy is created on wild card (for example, 1E - Tachyon - and version as *), then on the Reclaim→Usage Summary screen, for 1E Tachyon, Count of 'selected management group policies' displays as 1 (as hyperlink).

On clicking this hyperlink, AppClarity navigates to Reclaim→Policies screen to display the total number of policies. Blank data is displayed on the Policies screen (due to incorrect version/edition filter).

It works correctly, if a reclaim policy is created with the exact version.


Error appears on creating a license for specific title (that is, Office 365 ProPlus) and few other version specific generic issues.

The following are issues when publishing a license for a specific title and edition (Office 365 ProPlus) and also with version values:

  • Error comes up, when a user tries to create/publish a license for Office 365 (with edition as ProPlus) and (Version as Dot Version with value as 16.*)

  • When creating a license for 'Office 365' with Edition as 'ProPlus' and Version as 'All versions', then after it's published, it's edition is changed to E3 instead of ProPlus

  • When a license is created as Version using 'Colloquial version', after publishing the license, the version is set as 'dot format' instead of 'Colloquial version'.


RBAC issues with different AppClarity user roles.

Multiple RBAC related issues for different AppClarity user roles:

  • Reclaim Viewer user - can can also see the AppMigration consumer screen

  • Reclaim v iewer role - when opening the report refresh dropdown, a user is able to see the Full report list link and when they click it, the page breaks with the message ‘Something went wrong’

  • Compliance viewer user role - on the compliance detailed installation screen or LDC detailed report screen, when a user clicks on device hyperlinks, the 'Something went wrong' message appears and the page breaks

  • Entitlement administrator role - provider log displaying the reclaim PO's is visible to a user with the entitlement administrator role

  • Entitlement administrator role - user is able to see inventory application and perform Configuration Manager manage associations activities.


Intermittent issues on Reclaim Policies→Policy Administration screen.

  • Policy Administration (links like User Rejected, succeeded etc) when they have more than 500 or 1000 records, then pagination links do not appear until the user scrolls till the last record.

  • If any reclaim policy has large number of pending admin action records (that is, 1197) available (on which reclaim admin need to take action), then when they drill down to the Policy Administration screen by clicking the counts hyperlink, a blank screen displays with no data showing in tabular structure.

  1. The user needs to scroll till the last record (that is, up till bottom of page) to see the pagination buttons.

  2. Remove the sorting from 'Completed On' column, then data starts appearing.

Contracts which are exported, cannot be re-imported.

Contracts which are exported, cannot be reimported and AppClarity shows an error for "Start date" due to a space character.


Export not working for filtered data on aggregated columns such as 'Lic Qty', 'Mnt Qty' and' Total cost' columns of Entitlement Summary screen.

Entitlement→Summary Report

If there are 4-5 entitlements (of the same vendor and title), and the user applies a filter on column 'License Qty' then when using the Export button, Filter and Export do not work on aggregated columns.


Perpetual entitlements with future dates come with the 'Active only' filter.

If 'Active Only' filter is applied on entitlement listing page then Perpetual entitlements with future dates also come with this filter applied.

It works for Subscription entitlements where future dates are filtered out.


Column picker choices goes back to default after refresh

When you refresh reports on a page where you have changed the displayed columns, the view will reset back to its view once the refresh completes and the page reloads.