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1E 8.1 (on-premises)


All the Dashboards related tables of information, such as supported platforms, communications ports etc.

Dashboards Product Packs reference

Reference information for Tachyon feature-related Product Pack included in the Hotfix bundle.

  • Classic Product Packs contain instructions, for use in Explorer and other Tachyon applications.

  • Integrated Product Packs contain policies, rules and fragments for use by Guaranteed State, and may also include instructions.

1E ExecutiveDashboard product pack

Classic product pack used to create the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set, and supports retrieving data for Tachyon Dashboards.

The 1E ExecutiveDashboard instructions are all used internally to retrieve information for the tiles on the Exec Dashboard page. They cannot be found or run from Explorer and do not appear in the Instructions History. If you have the right permissions, you can view the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set on the Settings→Instructions→Instruction sets page and see that it contains the following Server question instructions:

1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction payload

Get dex scores and delta for time period between <startDate> and <endDate>

Get impacted metric scores using the average scores from period <startDate> to <endDate> compared against the previous period of the same length

Get band distribution of responses to <survey> between <startDate> and <endDate>

Get band distribution of responses to <survey> and details between <startDate> and <endDate>

Get employee requests for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Get 1E managed device for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Aggregated 1E managed device count by location for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Get 1E operations for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Get 1E total IT operations for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Get 1E total operations for <startDate> to <endDate>.

Server questions are a specific type of instruction used internally to retrieve information from Tachyon platform.