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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Reducing election notifications in Nomad log

By default, when an election occurs, all Nomad clients log the responses from every other client on the same subnet. In large subnets, this can result in the NomadBranch.log filling up and rolling over. This causes important entries getting missed and makes troubleshooting difficult.

Using MaxElectionResponseLogging to manage election notifications

You can turn off election response logging, or limit the number of responses logged for each election using theMaxElectionResponseLogging registry value. By default, the registry value will not be present and so all the election repliesare logged. If it's created (as a REG_DWORD value) and set to zero then no election replies willare logged. When using this option it may be useful to log some election responses to confirm the election process works.To do this, create theMaxElectionResponseLoggingregistry value and set it to themaximumnumber of responses you want logged for each election.

MaxElectionResponseLogging example

For example, you can create the MaxElectionResponseLogging REG_DWORD value and set it to 10.When there's an election request for package ABC0012D, there may be 350 responses received and processed, but only 10 of those responses will get logged on each client.Doing this, will keep logging to a reasonable amount and keep the logs helpful for troubleshooting.


The value of MaxElectionResponseLogging specifies the number of election replies to be logged per election request.

As an example, if MaxElectionResponseLogging = 5 and there are two election requests for the same package at different times, a maximum of 5 election responses will be logged for each election (up to 10 election replies in total). If there are two concurrent election requests for the same package, the number of maximum election replies logged may vary from 5 to 10.

In general, if MaxElectionResponseLogging = n and if there are m concurrent election requests for the same package, the number of maximum election replies logged may vary from n to m*n.


This option can be defined during installation of the 1E Client using the installer property MODULE.NOMAD.MAXELECTIONRESPONSELOGGING.